Ready To Launch

Welcome to the KUEST:ROCKET On-Boarding Process


We are so excited that you and your organization are joining the KUEST:Rocket Movement!

Here you will begin your Launch Process as we work together to build your program. On the right are all the steps you need to complete for becoming a fully certified KUEST:Rocket Organization.  Each Step in ORANGEis a link to the appropriate form or resource for that step.  All steps in BLUEhave no link and simply prompt the next action.

We are with you step-by-step.  We communicate primarily through the use of SLACK (available on all devices) and ZOOM (available on all devices).  We have provided links for you to download both of these essential apps.  Please let us know if you need any help with this process.  We will gladly answer any questions and provide you with detailed instructions.

  DOWNLOAD SLACK  Used for direct communication with our team.

 Used for monthly status updates and periodic strategy planning.

  Used for communicating to parents and students.


Your STEP-BY-STEP Launch Process


After you have completed your online Organizational Assessment, we will schedule a ZOOM Video Conference which you will access via the link provided above.  In this conference call we will discuss the fine points of your program, make recommendations and help you establish your programming plan.


Occasionally, organizations desire to launch with a larger group than the starter pack alone provides for.  In these cases, additional materials may be needed.


The 6 videos included in the Leadership Certification process will help to bring even greater clarity to the approach and tools of KUEST.  This portion of the process is for those that will be directly leading the KUEST Student Leadership initiative.  You may also choose to invite others who may have a vested interest. Clicking the link above will take you to our TEACHABLE Platform where you will create your FREE Teachable account and access the training videos.


Here you will gain access to all of the applications,  graphics and media needed to successfully market your KUEST Student Leadership Team.

GRAPHICS: Logos For Download

Right-Click and choose "Save Image As" to download these graphics for your use.

 Promos in PDF Format:

Click this button and save or print these flyers for your use.
KUEST Student Leadership is a Current Family Inc. brand. If you would like to give to support the KUEST movement, simply follow this link and select "KUEST" in the drop down menu with your custom monetary donation. KUEST sincerely appreciates any and all support as we continue to Empower Young Students to Be Great Leaders! Give Now