What is the KUEST-X Mission?

The mission of this conference is to directly influence, equip and empower young students to lead now.  Our goal is for the students that attend KUEST-X to have tools they can use to begin leading as soon as they return to their home church, school and community.  

What ages of students should attend?

KUEST-X is exclusively for students going into the 3rd - 6th grade.

What will our kids be doing?

Your young students will be fully immersed in the KUEST Experience throughout the two days.  They will experience main sessions with empowering talks given by passionate and entertaining speakers.  Gets hands-on experience in interactive break-out sessions.  They will experience two high-energy event sessions full of theatrics and thrilling effects.  They will experience relationships during the KUEST-X After parties on both nights of the conference.  (See our schedule for full details).

What is the X in KUEST-X?
X=Experience.  KUEST is all about the experience.  From visual to relational to transformational, this conference is all about the EXPERIENCE.  We want kids to arrive excited, have a blast and leave empowered!



(Main Sessions)

Co-Founder of KUEST, Pastor Tom is our key-note speaker for the 2018 KUEST-X Conference.  Tom brings an energy and passion for developing young students into leaders and an unbridled creative energy to his speaking.  Your kids will love hearing from our founder, Tom Toney.


(Main Sessions)

Co-Founder of KUEST, Pastor Kathy is a highly-skilled teacher and is passionate about helping young student establish a strong walk of faith.  Together, Pastors Tom and Kathy have overseen national tours, television programming and program development aimed at young student leaders.   



Casey Dennis is the KUEST Director for Family Life Church and Co-Host of the 2018 KUEST-X Conference.  Casey is an incredibly creative leader with a passion for helping students develop their skills and passion for the arts.   Casey also has a love for spiritually mentoring students.  Your kids will really connect with Casey Dennis.



Beto Maldonado is a dynamic leader that oversees 700 elementary students in weekly attendance at Family Christian Center in Munster, IN.  Beto has been a long time champion of KUEST and is well-known for his creative events.  Your leaders will gain valuable insights from Beto.

KUEST FLC and Local Marion Attendees, please call 740.387.7778 before Registering.

KUEST-X is a 2-Day Leadership Conference for Kids held in Marion, OH!  With Exciting Events, Leadership Training and Empowering Sessions, your young students will walk away stronger leaders!