KUEST is a fantastic foundation for a strong After-School Leadership Program.  We recognize that every setting has it's unique advantages and challenges.  So our team will work directly with you to develop a strategy for implementing KUEST that works for your school and your students.   Whether KUEST is used as a supplement to an existing program, or KUEST is the program, we believe you will experience measurable results. 


KUEST is also a great way to supplement leadership training for all of your students.  Following the same process, we will work with you to help you discover how KUEST can be implemented in the classroom on a daily or weekly basis.  

Above all, we want to help you develop the character, problem-solving skills and leadership ability of every student in your school!  We look forward to working with you to Launch Their Future.




After thousands of responses from leaders across all sectors; fortune 50 corporations, local businesses, school leaders, non-profit leaders and ministry leaders - the answers are all the same.  The qualities everyone desires from the leaders they follow are Humility, Integrity, Endurance, Vision, Wisdom, Determination, Empowerment, Clarity and so on.  This is how we define GREAT leadership.  Beyond simply managing people or resources, visioneering a progressive business, or being the voice of a movement; Great Leadership, we have discovered, has its foundation in the  character of the individual.  While many will be leaders, few are empowered to become great leaders.  It is this perspective from which we build the students that engage in the KUEST Student Leadership Model.


One of the most limiting myths we seek to dispel is the idea that some students are natural born leaders and others are not. Today it is clearly understood that Leaders are not born, they are built.  With a nearly limitless array of personality styles, it is common for certain individuals to exhibit qualities that most might consider to be leadership ability.  The truth is, every student, regardless of personality style, has the potential to be a great leader.  With the proper training, encouragement and opportunity, we have seen some of the most shy students become strong, exemplary leaders.  We have watched confident students that others quickly follow, learn what it means to truly lead.  This is the bulls-eye of KUEST Student Leadership - to introduce every student to their personal leadership potential. 


One of the questions we often get from local schools revolves around the idea of being a faith-based organization.  We can't deny it, all of the leadership principles we teach through KUEST have their roots in faith.  From our perspective, the foundation of character that true faith develops reflect the best that everyone desires in a strong leader.  At the same time, we recognize teaching these from a purely faith perspective in the public education system often creates challenges.  We respect those challenges, which is why we have developed our KUEST Student Leadership Materials to fit in every situation.  As a school, you will not find scriptural references, nor direct references to religion.  This is by design.  We believe in the outcomes that KUEST Produces.  We want every student to have the opportunity to gain the tremendous leadership training that KUEST delivers...and we have history to back that up.  Our after-school and in-school leadership training has produced great results and is having an impact on young leaders every day.  We believe you will find the same to be true for your students as we work with you to bring them the best in personal leadership development.