We recognize that you have a lot of material to purchase and lessons to schedule.  While we know that teaching your kids LEADERSHIP is a critical part of their personal growth, we also understand that it has to fit within your limited time and budget.  We have developed our ROCKET Materials to take about 45 minutes per week, and to cost less than many textbooks for three years worth of material.  We hope we have busted these barriers so your child can benefit from becoming a strong leader.    More questions?  Check out our Q&A Page:

STAGE 3:Leadership: Even though our young students have been learning important leadership traits through stages 1 & 2, stage 3 brings leadership into full focus.  In this stage we endeavor to help them gain the skills needed to impact and influence the journey's of others.  With out "8 Crazy Cool Rules of Leadership" Book and 32 Online Videos, your student will gain powerful knowledge about being a great leader. 

STAGE 2:Self-Navigation: The Fuselage of our Rocket represents navigation.  In this stage we are teaching our young leaders how to set and achieve their own goals.  Through our "BIG TIME 5 Essential Qualities of True Leadership" Book, and our Personal Growth M.A.P.s, young leaders learn to get clear about their goals and hold themselves accountable for executing their plan.  Over the course of the year, they experience the power of connection between their focused actions and results. 

STAGE 1:Character: The FUEL of Strong Leadership.  It is possible to lead without character, but it is not possible to be a great leader without strong character. Our ROCKET System emphasizes strong character by teaching young leaders how to work well with others (Teamwork), how to always give their best (Excellence) and how to recognize, respect and respond to authority (Authority).   Our young leaders learn these valuable principles through the adventure of the KUEST Kids in our story novels.  These novels are part story part lesson.  The first half of the book follows the adventures of young students while the second half of the book offers important lessons from the story.