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PACKAGES:  All online access fees are paid through our TEACHABLE portal, and are not included in this purchase.  They will be purchased when you signup through in your next step.

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Welcome to KUEST:Rocket!  

Get ready for an amazing journey into leadership.  Throughout this course, you will discover the power of Character, how to Develop and Achieve Your Goals and The Great Leader Inside You!

There are a couple important steps for you to take to be able to fully access all the resources of KUEST:Rocket.  We have outlined them below with all the relevant links so you can get started today!

STEP 1.  ENROLL YOUR STUDENT |  Completing our online enrollment form below (one for each child) will allow us to begin setting up your students online account at Exam Professor.  That information will then be emailed to you once that step is completed.‚Äč


STEP 2.  CREATE TEACHABLE ACCOUNT |  You will need to create your FREE account, as this is where we host all of our online teaching materials.  Once you have created an account for each student, you will then choose their online course or courses.  All online materials are paid through the TEACHABLE portal.  Follow the link above to complete that step, then return here for your next step.

STEP 3. BEGIN | All of your courses and syllabus outlines are centralized in  From within your coursework at TEACHABLE, you will link to your exams at the appropriate point in your course outlines.

EXAM PROFESSOR : We host all of our exams through  We will email your account information after registration. There are NO FEES associated with the Exam Professor account.  This simply allows us to track the progress of each student.  We recommend using the same email account for both TEACHABLE and EXAM PROFRESSOR.  

If you have questions at any point throughout this process, or at any time during your coursework, please email us right away.